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QPOC Conference History

In order to participate in the conference, you need to have a certain knowledge base, as well as understand which topic you like, don't forget about buy a book report to have strong arguments and examples, as well as obey all the points described in the rules.
6th Annual Queer People of Color Conference
UC Riverside, 2011
“Decolonize Your Mind”

5th Annual Queer People of Color Conference
San Diego State University, 2010
“Building Visibility 
through our Traditions, Active Leadership, and Pride”

4th Annual Queer People of Color Conference
UC Davis, 2009
“Building Communities Through Art, Action, and Resistance”

1st -3rd Annual Queer People of Color Conferences

The 1st -3rd Annual Queer People of Color Conferences have all taken place at UC Berkeley. Each year it is hosted by different organizations with the theme of the conference changing as well.

The 1st Annual QPOC Conference focused on "Exposing Our Institutionalizations and Challenging Tokenisms". The 2nd Annual QPOC Conference's theme was, "At the Crossroads of Age, Race, and Sexuality". Lastly, the 3rd Annual QPOC Conference's theme was " (re)Generations of Solidarity: Shifting Lenses and Igniting Hearts."

Why was the Queer People of Color Summit started?

To honor the advances made by queer people of color amid various geopolitical, sociological, and institutional pressures that have informed our individual consciousnesses and the structures of our supporting organizations.  The Queer People of Color Leadership Summit aspired to provide an arena for QPOC, our organizations, and those invested in our development and proliferation to reignite the dialogues of what a QPOC identity means, what Queer People of Color represent, and how Queer People of Color can strategize more effectively.

What can QPOC gain from coming to the summits and conferences?

By contesting notions of a singular QPOC identity, participants can expect to explore new methods of negotiating challenges that relate to our varied experiences.

While the organizing committee of the past and current summits/conference has extended welcome to all, it hopes participants approach the summit as an opportunity—not only for those who can rely on their privileges (as varied as they are) as assurance of their agency.

Who were/are responsible for creating the summit?

The first QPOC Leadership Summit, which took place on April 29, 2006, sprung out of the collaborative efforts and initial conversations between QPOC at SFSU and YQUE at UCB.  La Familia at UCD would also become involved in the planning process and sponsorship of the summit.  SFSU had hoped to host the summit, however  they  were unable to secure a location on campus so UCB offered to host.  The overall goal was to unite the local queer of color orgs/leaders--which is why it was structured in the form of a summit, as opposed to a conference.

What did the agenda look like in terms of guest speakers, entertainment, and workshops?

Celia Herrera Rodriguez (keynote), Dalit Baum (keynote), Coral Lopez (unable to attend), and performances by Chueh Jun-Fung & other local artists. 

What was discussed in the past workshops?

Identity Politics, Institutions and Institutionalizations, Strategic Networking and Organizing and much more. 

~Q&A from UC Berkeley Contacts

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