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If you are looking for a tentative schedule of workshops click here. If you are interested in hosting a workshop at the 2011 Queer People of Color Conference, please read the information below and then complete this application.


The 6th annual Queer People of Color Conference
University of California, Riverside
April 8 2011- April 10, 2011


For the past five years, the Queer People of Color Conference has strategically reframed and deconstructed common sensical notions which have consequently and schematically marginalized queer people of color. More specifically, the Queer People of Color Conference structuralizes the foundation for grappling with and analyzing the intersections of homophobia and racism. However, it is evident that the pitfall of the dynamics and corollaries of this analysis are cemented within the confines of mere identity politics, regimenting visibility as the preeminent goal of queer people of color discourse. Given this, this conference aims to take a step further and challenge the internalized rationale that has incessantly legitimized the marginalization of queer people of color, advocating for the dissemination of a hegemonic, internalized white supremacist logic that has colonized our consciousness. Thus, this conference ultimately seeks to decolonize your mind.

Through a combination of inspiring speakers, educational workshops, and interactive, sustained discussions, the sixth annual Queer People of Color Conference will be able to achieve its goals of inspiring activism, confidence, and the ability to articulate and analyze the issues pertaining to queer people of color. To ensure that the sixth annual Queer People of Color Conference continues the legacy of encouraging activism, visibility, and confidence among the attendees, we welcome submissions for workshops that will be held at the conference. Workshops may take any shape or form, from paper submissions to interactive games with candy. We invite individuals to submit workshop proposals on a wide range of topics that may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The intersectionality of race, class, gender, and sexuality
  • The Homogenization of Queer People of Color
  • The lack of validation, representation, and respect of all aspects of one’s identity
  • How race marginalizes queer people of color within the LGBT community
  • How a queer idenity marginalizes queer people of color within their ethnic communities
  • The intersectionality between race, class, sexuality, and being a successful student
  • The social construction of race
  • The violence placed on racialized bodies
  • White Supremacy and the institutionalized propagation of a national ideology that marginalizes queer people of color
  • The white face of the LGBT community
  • The internalization of white supremacist logic
  • The hypersexualized objectification of queer people of color, especially within the LGBT community
  • The lack of queer people of color role models and resources just for queer people of color
  • Racism, biphobia, sexism, and Transphobia among queer people of color as well as within the overall LGBT community
  • Transfeminisms: Transgender, Genderqueer, and Gender-Defiant Approaches to Feminism.
  • “Unraveling Gender" a workshop and performance poetry presentation on gender.

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